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Although you usually have to be willing to make sacrifices under the conditions, you can still find a solid or good offer. Credit calculator: Find the best offers quickly, easily and reliably. The installment loan in comparison Comprehensive advice installment loan without Credit Bureau online loan conditions compared to the individual case. The extent to which you secure your credit choice depends primarily on the credit terms.

Applying for PV Loans – Where? Conditions?

Applying for PV Loans - Where? Conditions?

Hello everyone, I would like to have a PV system with storage installed on my roof at the beginning of 2019.

The investments for almost 10 kW with a storage capacity of 12.5 kW amount to 22,000 E.. The plant generates 10,000 kilowatt hours, if they are COMPLETELY consumed, you save 2500? If you have discovered a house bank, let us know.

I currently have the exact same error. Instant Care Bank currently does not provide the PV loan and all other credit institutions, including an intermediary such as B. the company Funding Square Bank, have no Fine Bank 275 in their offer. A memory of only 8 years can hardly be created. I would never have seen a profitability calculation in which this is possible without accepting some rather dubious points, such as: etc.

So maybe it would be good if you could send us the takeover offer and the profitability calculation (either scan it and make your personal information unrecognizable, or type it in for the profitability calculation). It appears that the major PV programs that have been announced are no longer available with large terms or operating times, or something is being announced that has “just” expired and is expected to return “soon”.

Do you have your house bank?

Do you have your house bank?

Even if you want to finance for more than 10 years, you probably won’t be able to avoid getting a mortgage, unfortunately you should have a house bank with something that I am happy to hear about. When it comes to saving battery storage, calculate it yourself, check whether the basic values ​​are understandable, and if you like it and the producer gives you a long guarantee with performance and product liability guarantee, do it if something is not enough. Cover the storage and do it later.

Unfortunately, as described earlier, you will have to write to many banks until you find something. Now we are about to do it through a financial services provider, hoping that he should be a professional here and that he has a house bank behind him.

I was also advised to pay the investment – because I can fully deduct the interest payments. I strongly recommend that you carry out a corresponding calculation yourself with the relevant influencing factors, and I can also understand that the credit institutions do not have the legitimate desire to bring such “Pipifax financing” with them for 20 years.

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