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The best times to give flowers | Flowers to give away

The best times to give flowers | Flowers to give away
The custom of giving flowers is very old. In ancient Greek times it was said that the Olympian goddess Aphrodite especially liked roses. So the best way to get her favors was to offer her these beautiful flowers, which since then have become a symbol of love, like the goddess herself. Today, giving a bouquet of flowers is still a way to show positive feelings to someone without the need for words. A gesture of affection, affection and good wishes.

The best times to give flowers

Any time is a good time to give flowers, but it is something that is usually done on more special occasions.


Congratulating a birthday with a bouquet of flowers is a classic. A basket of plants is a great option. It lasts longer and is a lasting gift and a symbol of the prosperity that this new stage of life awaits us, if we do not neglect our responsibilities and water our day to day.

Father's day

Father's Day is a perfect occasion to give flowers, although it is not a well understood custom. It seems that the flowers were only for women but they also like to be honored with these beautiful and fragrant gifts that nature gives us. In this article we suggest the most appropriate flowers to give to a man.

Mother's Day

It is the occasion par excellence, practically a tradition. A bouquet of flowers for mothers expresses how beautiful we feel for them. Roses are usually the preferred, although we can deviate from the typical and opt for beautiful carnations, colored tulips, lilies, orchids or exotic proteas.


At a wedding you cannot miss the bridal bouquet. It is a tradition that was born many centuries ago. At first, certain aromatic plants were taken to ward off evil spirits. This custom evolved into today's floral compositions, which symbolize fertility and prosperity. The flowers chosen will depend on the decoration, the bride's dress and the time of year.

Valentine's Day

We have already said that flowers are a symbol of love, so they cannot be absent on Valentine's Day. It is usually men who give women flowers, but we like to propose to skip the cliché and surprise boyfriends and husbands with a beautiful bouquet. Red roses are preferred on this date, but you can also choose white or pink. The only color to avoid is yellow, which represents friendship.


The arrival of a baby is a source of joy for family and friends, and flowers are a very beautiful way to show it. They are a way of welcoming the little one and cheering the mother up after the effort of childbirth. The most suitable flowers are those of soft tones, such as white and pastel colors, that inspire calm and peace, and that give off some aroma.


Losing a loved one is a very hard time. That is why it is one of those occasions when people decide to give flowers as a show of love and support. Crown-shaped designs are also made, to be deposited with the deceased, as a form of heartfelt tribute and farewell.

At April Flowers we can prepare a bouquet of flowers for every occasion. You can tell us what your preferences are or we can propose several options.