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  • € 21.00

    Cala in decorative ceramic pot. Height approx. 45cmDecorative arrangement consisting of: -Cala plant in assorted colors: white, pink or yellow-Matching decorative ceramic pot-Personalized dedication card * You can indicate the text of the dedication card at the end of the purchase process.

  • € 24.00

    Aechmea Blue Rain in a white or pink ceramic pot. It is very decorative and easy to care for.Composition: -Aechmea Blue rain (approx. 70cm height) -Matching ceramic pot -Decorative arrangement-Dedication card

  • € 24.00

    Red Guzmania in red ceramic pot. Guzmania is a beautiful decorative plant that is very easy to care for. Composition: -Red guzamnia approx 65-70cm tall-Red ceramic pot-Dedication card

  • € 29.00

    Nice Spatiphyllum with decorative ceramic pot Composition: -Spatiphyllum plant of minimum 60cm height-Ceramic pot-Dedication card

  • € 35.00

    Pretty red Anthurium plant with decorative arrangement and red ceramic pot, perfect as a gift. Minimum plant height 70cm Composition: -Anthurium plant minimum 60cm high-Red ceramic pot-Decorative arrangement-Dedication card

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